RGA’s services concentrate on education and preparation. We are compensated based on reasonable hourly fees, not success fees contingent upon the sale of your company, so we can rightfully be considered “true advisors.” Since we are not incentivized to consummate a sale, we can afford to say “no” or “wait” if the situation calls for it. We believe that the highest values will be accorded to confident, highly informed, well- prepared and organized sellers. RGA stands ready to help you achieve those objectives, as you move through the process of selling your business.


“After a lot of years working very hard, I reached a point where it was time to explore the possibility of selling my company. We were successful and clearly would be an asset to any number of potential buyers. My questions were, how do I find the best possible candidate buyers? Assuming I do find them how do I approach them? What will they want to see and what is the best way to show it to them? How do I maximize value for me?

Looking back I clearly see that the outcome would have been very different without Ron Glickman. I certainly knew my business better than he did, but selling my company as successfully as he did was his business, not mine. More than anything it was his expertise that resulted in an outcome I never could have otherwise imagined.

If you are just beginning to think about selling your company, with more questions than answers, or if you are ready to go, do yourself a favor and call Ron. His knowledge, integrity, and honesty can be every bit as advantageous to you as it was for me.”

Bill Matthies, Founder
Verity Group


Susan Ver Berg, Owner and CEO
Merlex Stucco

“We initially brought Ron in to provide some high-level guidance on how to button up the company’s financials, but within a short period of time we’ve found Ron to be an indispensable member of our management team. Providing the insight and advice of a seasoned executive who has walked a similar path before, his guidance is extremely valuable. What was intended to be a short-term stint with our firm has blossomed into a long-term relationship where Ron is brought in to help us make the types of decisions that will ultimately get us to the company we one day aspire to be.”

Todd Henderson, Co-Founder
INK Studios Corporation

“We can help you capitalize on your opportunity to sell your business…
the most important transaction of your business life.”