RON GLICKMAN has been helping principals buy and sell companies in a wide variety of industries for 30 years. He has seen it all. His many years of experience and staying power are particularly helpful as we move through changing economic times and availability of leverage. Closely associated with experts in multiple disciplines, RGA can quickly bring in lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, investment bankers, etc. as needed.

Our consulting process will help answer business owners’ most frequently asked questions, including these:

  • Now that you’ve decided to sell your company, how do you compute what it’s worth?
  • How can you sell the business and run the business at the same time?
  • Are you organized well enough to allow the sale process to go smoothly? Should you do it yourself or is assembling a team a better idea?
  • When and how do you tell your employees you are selling? What role should they play in the sale process? How will they react?

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“We can help you capitalize on your opportunity to sell your business…
the most important transaction of your business life.”